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The School

The School

Amelia Earhart Grundschule is a private, bilingual elementary school that offers a pre-school and flexible enrollment.


If the child turns five by the 10th of October, he or she is eligible to be admitted to our pre-school. During their time in pre-school the children’s development is thoroughly and carefully evaluated in order to provide a projection of the best time for the students to advance to the elementary school. If a student’s development is satisfactory, he or she can join the elementary school during the ongoing school year.

Elementary school

In order to take advantage of the positive effects of mutual learning in groups of different aged students, our elementary school classes are year-overlapping. All classes are taught based on a mutual set of topics. The daily routine is divided into morning circle, classes, weekly plan, free-choice learning, project- and workshop classes, as well as clubs and break times.

Classes usually consist of 18-20 students and are supervised by two teachers of whom at least one speaks English. This provides a bi-lingual learning environment based on the immersion principle. Students get to know and to use English as an everyday language.

Students experience a diverse and exciting day between 7:45 am and 4:00 pm. From 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Amelia Earhart Grundschule offers a flexible pickup time (Friday from 2pm to 3pm).

An example of a weekly schedule can be found here.

School Holidays

School holidays are the same as the official Hessian school holiday dates. The exception to this is the summer holidays which are scheduled from July to August, as the all-day concept leads to a surplus of lessons, which are then converted to additional holidays. Amelia Earhart Grundschule is closed for 36 weekdays per year on average.