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Food and Exercise


In the morning, we begin with a shared breakfast. Lunch is provided by a bio-certified caterer for children located in Wiesbaden – Erbenheim. During the break times the school provides fresh fruit and vegetables for the students. Beverages are always available to the students.

As eating together is an essential part of the common life at Amelia Earhart Grundschule, all students eat together with their respective classmates.


The constant rotation of work, break, and exercise periods allows the school to quench the childrens’ need for movement. The open forms of learning, movement tasks integrated into regular classes and movable furniture also has a part in this.

The physical education and exercise program at Amelia Earhart Grundschule puts a great emphasize on enough exercising. This is imperative for the development and wellbeing of the students.

Physical Education

Amelia Earhart Grundschule students use a rented gym in downtown Wiesbaden or Helmuth-Schön sports ground. Public transportation is used for transit and the students are accompanied by at least two chaperones.